Fundanoodle products range from writing and math tablets to multi-activity kits, all designed to make learning FUN and interactive. Organized in developmentally appropriate progression, Fundanoodle activities encourage kids to focus on and complete increasingly complex tasks.

Fundanoodle takes a holistic approach toward childhood development. Many activities are targeted to develop gross and fine motor skills and muscle strength Fun is at the center of our system. We are committed to offering products that combat the negative impacts of touchscreen technology and limited play on Little Learners’ motor skill development.

Product Safety

Our products are intended to be used with qualified adult supervision and common sense. Manufacturers' safety recommendations need to be followed as indicated. Developmental age of individuals should be used for safety recommendations.


Fundanoodle is great for...

“The kids definitely didn't think of it as "work" to do the many projects in this kit! They have really enjoyed working through each project. I think it is a nifty kit and pretty neat to have a box full of crafts that are also helping my kids build the muscle and coordination skills needed for handwriting. It also helps with learning colors, counting, sorting, patterns, and sparking the imagination!” -Counting Our Blessings