Fundanoodle is an education readiness program designed by pediatric occupational therapists and elementary school teachers to develop and improve the motor skills needed for success in and out of the classroom.


The Fundanoodle Story

Fundanoodle’s Max & Alphie journey began in 2007 at Charlotte-based Carolina Pad, company known for developing unique school and office supplies. A meeting with two local pediatric occupational therapists uncovered an opportunity to improve the educational product offerings at major retailers. Over the next several years, Carolina Pad’s team of product managers and graphic designers worked closely with the occupational therapists to design a new, hands-on handwriting development program.

New leadership took over the product line in 2011. The product was successfully placed nationwide in Target, Toys R Us and speciality education stores. After scores of focus groups with parents and teachers, the new brand manager, April Whitlock, realized the opportunity to expand the product line to a full education readiness brand. The math program was developed, the activity book selection expanded and the current products were updated and revised with input and feedback from elementary educators and curriculum developers. Soon after, Fundanoodle began receiving requests from elementary schools and day cares to purchase the product for in-class use.

With the increase of touchscreen technology use and the development of more online apps, the amount of retail shelf space dedicated to education dramatically decreased. But, April and her team realized that the need for hands-on tools that developed fine-motor skills and hand strength was dramatically increasing, especially in preschoolers. Fundanoodle parted ways with Carolina Pad in 2014 and April established the brand as a stand-alone business focused on providing parents and caregivers with the tools they needed to combat the negative impacts of too much screen time and too little active play.

Today, Fundanoodle products are used in classrooms and homes around the country. Parents and teachers are able to engage Little Learners in active, play-based learning that builds hand strength, visual perception, motor skills and more, while providing foundational learning. Our products remove many learning obstacles by making sure children are physically ready for school and have the basic skills needed for Kindergarten success. The Fundanoodle Ambassador program is designed to help spread our mission and message to all families!


Fundanoodle is great for...

“It was REALLY exciting for me to watch him work through this. Normally if I ask him to write his letters he “fights” me saying “it’s boring” or “it isn’t any fun” – NEITHER of those were said when using these cards! Not only did he have fun but I had fun watching him have fun! What a blessing!” – Guiding Light Homeschool